Which is the Best Space Heater for Bedroom? Get the Best Pick in 2014

best heater for bedroom - introHeating your bedroom is the most sensitive activity that you can undertake and it is not easy. This is because your bedroom is a place to relax and hide away from distractions. Therefore, to heat your bedroom you need a quiet effective heater that will not distract you from your sleep or even stop you from sleeping.

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You may be looking for something that is quiet or something that gives you white noise to help you go to sleep.  Finding the best space heater for bedroom is not easy but the guide below narrows your options.


Mr. Heater

best heater for bedroom - mr heaterMr. Heater F232000 is a convenient heater for bedrooms of up to 200 sq. ft. The unit single 4000 heat setting makes it convenient and suitable for the task. The safety features of this unit make it one of the best in the market. When you are asleep, you will not be control of your safety and thus, you need a unit that will make you sleep at ease.

If the unit is knocked over, the tip over switch will shut the heater off and thus, eliminate the chances of fire. Furthermore, the unit has a low oxygen sensor, which puts off the heater when the oxygen levels in the bedroom get too low. This prevents suffocation while asleep.

Moreover, the pilot design will shut the heater off completely if the light goes out. This heater uses a knob for ignition and a single separate button as the kill switch. Most users recommend this unit due to its effective safety features and efficiency in heating.



best heater for bedroom - vornadoAre you looking for a bedroom space heater that is capable of generating and circulating heat throughout your bedroom? The Vornado VH110 fits that purpose. The unit has a thermostatic temperature control knob and allows you to choose your desired heat setting with a turn of the dial.

The unit’s signature vortex heat circulation distributes the warmth throughout the bedroom. This unit is better than other typical heaters, which creates areas of extreme heat near the heater.

The whisper-quiet capability and advanced safety features make Vornado VH110 a convenient bedroom heater. The safety feature like tip-over switch ensures you sleep worry free by automatically cutting the heat and power if the unit is tipped over. Its unique design also ensures that it remains cool to touch even after extended hours of heating.



best heater for bedroom - laskoLasko 751320 Ceramic heater is a convenient effective heater that you can use to heat your bedroom. The units’ small footprint offers effective and consistent heating throughout your bedroom. The unit is portable enabling you to move it from one area to another if need be effectively.

The other great feature of this heater is the multi-function remote control, which enables you to operate the unit without moving out of the bed. The unit further offers widespread oscillation using its electronic, programmable thermostat with 7-hour timer capability.

One user could not hide the joy of finding an effective heater that offers what other heaters had failed to achieve in the past. The users further express their joy on the effectiveness of the unit in cooling over extended period without becoming warm.



Woman looks at a broken air conditionerWith its compact tower design and twin ceramic heating elements, Holmes HCH4953 ceramic heater is a suitable unit for heating your bedroom. The unit is powerful and quiet. You can use the 1Touch Electronic Thermostat feature to easily set your bedroom comfort level while the unique Viziheat color-changing feature lets you know when the unit is hot.

This unit is convenient for your bedroom heating because it has twin heating elements, which help to distribute warmth throughout your bedroom. The plastic housing ensures the unit stays cool to the touch.

This unit has attracted many positive reviews from users recommending it for its effectiveness and efficiency in heating during winter. The unit is also quiet and its thermostat only sets temperatures in 5-degree increments ensuring easy and quick operation.




If you are looking for an effective bedroom heater that offers effectiveness, efficiency and safety, you should not look beyond the above products. They are tested and reviewed by real users and hence ideal for first time buyers or even experienced buyers.


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