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Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsAll that you can think of on a cold wintery night, is to light up a fire and warm your hands. But now with a host of heaters in the market, you no longer have to light a fire and tend it to stay warm. Having said that, you still have to carefully choose a heater for your home.

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Space heaters are a great option over central heating if you live in a place where winters are not too cold. Opt for one of the top rated infrared heaters enlisted below that will heat up your room quickly and keep you warm and cozy.

Best Infrared Portable Heater under $150

Dr Infrared Heater QuartzThis Dr Infrared Heater Quartz is an infrared heater that is capable of producing 60% more heat. It has an advanced dual heating system and works with 1500 watt power.

The product has been newly engineered. It has both high and low temperature settings and these temperatures generally range between 65- 86 degrees. That is a wide range of quite comfortable temperature.

The dual heating systems are capable of increasing the rate at which is the heat is transferred. It can evenly heat up the entire room (up to the size of 1000 square feet). Since it produces over 60% more heat it is more efficient.

It has been listed by Underwriters Laboratories USA and Canada for having one of the highest security standards as well. It is manufactured by the same factory that provides departmental supergiants such as Sears and Home Depot with their infrared heaters. It costs $105.99 and has an amazon rating of 3.8 stars.

Users love that the heater is so quiet you barely can hear it at work. It has wheels that allow to move it around the house with ease. Many users heat up the living room first for a couple of hours, and simply wheel it to the next room to heat. It not just heats you but also the objects in the room!

Best Compact Infrared Heater for Large Rooms

Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsThe Lifesmart Compact Power Plus Infrared Heater is capable of heating up a room that is 800 sq feet within no time at all. It comes with a compact, fireproof cabinet that has some molded handles as well.

You need a plug and play 15 amp circuit in order to start the Lifesmart infrared heater. The product comes with 3 energy saving settings- which makes it more power efficient. It includes a 500 watt energy setting as well! The product is made up of quartz elements. It costs under $100 and has an amazon rating of 4 stars.

This is one of the top rated infrared heaters to heat a room. Users love this model for it is tiny, quiet and rather flexible. Both the low as well as high settings work wonderfully. To add on they are safe and do not burn the air!

Best IR heater under $100

iLiving Infrared Space HeaterThis iLiving Infrared Heater is probably one of the best looking infrared heaters in the market. It comes with a dark walnut wooden cabinet and it operates on a 1500 W power as well.

It is newly designed and it is capable of transferring approximately 50% more heat. This would not just provide you with more warmth, it would heat up a larger room with ease. It works at a really low noise level and has overheat protection systems as well.

The latter ensures the safety level of the product. The product comes with an auto- energy saving mode as well as an electronic thermostat. It has a range of  50-86 degrees. It has been endorsed by the Underwriters Laboratories USA and Canada.

Users simply love the color and finish of this infrared heater. Many vouch that it does put out twice as much as heat compared to many models in the market. Those who have kids, particularly like the tip over and over heat protection features that are inbuilt in the Portable Space Heater by iLiving.

Best IR Heater for the Money

Duraflame Livingston Portable Heater 10HM2273-W505 The Duraflame Livingston Portable Heater, 10HM2273 W505 comes in a fully assembled condition and it can heat up a room really quick.

It has been built from some solid hardwoods and real wood veneers as well. It looks incredibly classy and it would fit into the setting of almost any room. It utilizes 6 infrared Quartz heating elements.

It has been constructed with the help of copper alloy, 3 prong ground outlet and a heat output that rates at 5200 BTU. The rated power of the product is 1500 watts. It has a classic  design, great details and beveled edges as well. The product just costs under $200 and has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 on

Many users love the build and look of this portable heater by Duraflame. Made of hardwood and veneers it gives a rustic look preferred by many. Users say that this portable heater heats up every inch of the room rather efficiently and swiftly. Many also say that it does not suck too much electricity as compared to other models on the market. The remote control is another added  feature some users enjoy.

Best Portable Heater for the Money

Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsThis Duraflame Williams Portable heater 10HM4126 O107 shares a lot of qualities with the other Duraflame in the list. It comes fully assembled.

It is built from solid hardwoods and it is highly contemporary looking. The stylish simplicity and the frame are incredibly good looking and the half round moldings are also quite impressive.

It has a concealed furniture sort of quality- especially since it comes with  castersroll. The heater uses 6 infrared Quartz heating elements.

Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsIt comes with a copper alloy, 12.5 amps power, infrared heating elements, a 3 prong ground outlet as well. It costs under $200 and has an amazon rating of 4 on 5 stars, making it one of the top rated infrared heaters on the market.

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Users love the safety feature on the heater that is safe to use in houses with kids and pets. Many happy consumers also state that it is perfect for large rooms, apartments and also for those who may have a vaulted ceiling.

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