Most Efficient Space Heater Reviews 2014/2015

Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsFor those who want to beat the winter chills in an energy efficient manner without having to spend huge bucks on electricity bills, space heaters make for an intelligent option. They do not heat the entire home but only a specific area where they are placed.

Ideal for individual comfort needs, these space heaters sell like hot cakes in the winters especially in areas where winter chills are inevitable and temperatures drop below a 0 degree Celsius.

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Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsWhen buying a space heater, it is recommended that one makes the final selection only after having done some prior research, evaluating various factors and parameters and relating the features to one’s needs, requirements and budget.

Major features to look out for are capacity rating (determines how much space a heater can heat up), auto shut-off (useful if the heating filament or coil gets overheated), wattage, length of power cord and safety check.

Many space heaters, by both international as well as regional brands, are available in the market.  The most popular and acclaimed models have been reviewed below for the convenience of prospective customers. One can choose the desired one and enjoy the winters like never before and stay warm and snug!

Best Electric Panel Room Heater

Eco-heater 602 High-EfficiencyThe Eco-heater T-400DS  is sleek, compact and absolutely gorgeous, this powerful and effective device can effortlessly blend in any home décor.

It doesn’t take up much space and can be easily mounted on a wall from where it can heat up any space up to a size of 120 square feet. It comes with convection mechanism which allows a uniform circulation of warm air throughout the room.

Ideal for bedrooms, this one is also safe for homes that have small children and pets roaming around all the time. What’s more, it is sure to bring down your electricity bill amounts impressively!

The 602 High-Efficiency room heater has the most efficient space heaters reviews online. Many users claim that this heater efficiently heats up a cool room by ten degrees and run on pennies making it highly energy efficient and effective.

Users have lauded the slim and sleek design of this model. Many say that it blends so well with the wall, you would not know a heater is placed in the room! Despite being sleek this model heats up a room rather efficiently.

Most Stylish Oscillating Heater

Lasko 6435For those who like to have uniquely beautiful home appliances that work amazingly too, the Lasko 6435 is the most recommended device.

It comes with an adjustable thermostat for maximum comfort and customization and brings along the auto shut-off features which comes into play as soon as the device heats up excessively.Its silent operation and 7 hour timer make it perfect for bedrooms and reading rooms and its attractive looks are sure to leave the onlookers spellbound.

If you browse on the internet for a room heater, you are bound to find the most efficient space heater reviews under the Lasko 6435 oscillating heater. Users love this designer series room heater that comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate this cute yet efficient room heater. Users claim that even during oscillation this heater barely produces any noise.

Best Personal Space Heater to Buy

Vornado VH110Cheap yet efficient, Vornado VH101 is one intelligent and useful device. Ideal for small personal spaces, this space heater comes with two options for heat settings and a unique fan only mode.

It can also be used under laptops if need be. This compact and handy heater is also high on energy efficiency and provides the requisite heat without escalating the electricity bills. Perfect for office cubicles and study rooms, this one has rightfully been the best seller for quite some time now.

Ask users what they love about this heater, and they reply that this personal heater blows a considerable amount of heat that is perfect for small spaces. The tip over switch is yet another feature that most users like about this handy heater. This feature prevent accidents in case the heater tips over.

Best Cool Touch Oscillating Heater

Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsThe name ‘Honeywell’ has long been synonymous to reliability and cutting edge technology in the arena of home appliances. The Honeywell Cool Touch is attractive and compact yet surprisingly powerful.

It intelligently regulates the flow of energy depending upon the temperature selected by the user. It has a special LED lighting system which indicates the space temperature accurately. It is sturdy and safe and also comes with an exclusive 3 year warranty.

For those who don’t want their circuit boards blowing off, its auto-off feature is an added bonus. This one is perfect to keep the bedrooms and offices feeling snug all the time!

Users have lauded this model as it can quickly and efficiently heat up even an odd shaped room. The safety features , and energy digital control are an added plus on the HZ-7200.

Best Mica Panel Space Heater

De Longhi HMP1500Sleek, lightweight and stylish, the DeLonghi HMP1500 can easily be a part of any contemporary home décor.

It comes with a wall mounting kit which can be used easily to mount the space heater on a wall if need be keeping it out of the reach of children and pets. Thankfully, it also comes with an adjustable thermostat and various heat setting options for a more customized experience.

Its safe and silent operation makes it ideal for chilly winter nights and its uniform heating keeps the lobbies and home theatre rooms warm and alive.

Most Efficient Space Heater ReviewsUsers who have tried many different models vouch that this is one of the best heaters that money can buy. Not only is it sleek and trendy looking, but also quickly heats up a room and keeps it comfortable and warm on wintery days.

This heater is also very quiet and does not stink like many other mica plate heaters do.

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All the above space heaters are highly popular and vastly available. They can be purchased from any leading online store or home appliance shop.

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